Grip Puppy Arnie - Extra Heavy Duty Hanger.

$21.00 $25.00

Grip Puppy Arnie - World’s Strongest Coat Hanger is an oversized hanger for broad shouldered gear and features co-polymer Ibeam/Girder construction for ultimate strength and durability. Each hanger has a 140+ pound (63.5kg) load capacity, thanks to the I-beam/girder design. Each hanger is 100% made in The UK.

We are proud to offer a LIFETIME Warranty on this Hanger. 

Perfect for biking / diving / police / fire / military kit

This is hands down the coolest, strongest coat hanger made. Ideal for Motorcyclist, Fire Fighters, Army, Navy, Airforce, Radiology departments - anywhere where heavy kit needs to be stored correctly. Each hanger is 60.96 x 38.1 x 1.78 cm.

*See terms and conditions for warranty information.