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Grip Puppy Mucky Pup – Ultimate Motorcycle Cleaning Wipes.

Aerospace Grade Fabric Wipes for Windshield & Painted Surfaces.   Guaranteed Not To Scratch.


  • Consists of a proprietary fabric composition that is softer, cleaner and more low-linting than conventional wipes and towels
  • Soft and porous to be gentle on windows and transparencies
  • No additives, chemicals or binders that can hamper absorbency
  • The manufacturing process of these wipes has been specially designed to resist fraying and snagging over bolts or screw heads
  • The unique fabric composition of this wipe requires less cleaning polish to get the desired result, than when using a conventional towel or wipe
  • Each wipe features tiny apertures that gently pick up and remove dirt and grime to reduce the risk of scratching the windshield

** Meets or Exceeds the requirements of Boeing Aircraft, Cessna Aircraft, Douglas, Japan Defense, US Air-Force, US Navy NAVAIR.


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Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 cm


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